Can you give two minutes today for Lyndale School?

Two minutes is all it takes to tell the Town Hall you want Lyndale School to stay.  Click on this link to download the ‘Feedback’ form (in MS Word) and send it back to  All responses have to be back by today (Wednesday 25 June).

I’ve also asked for confirmation that they have received my submission, as well as details of how it will be incorporated into the report by officers to councillors and whether there will be a list of all submissions received.

If you have more than two minutes to spare and want to see what impact closing a school has on a child, read this article by John Brace.

Now imagine that you are a child at Lyndale School facing the same trauma but with the added loss of the teacher and classroom assistant who has been with you every day of your first few years at school, coping with the added issues of your health and social needs.

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  1. Lyndale should be kept open …the council have closed to many of our special needs units…what on earth are the students there going to do if it closes…why cant they stop trying to fix what isn’t broken…


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